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chole bhature recipe

INGREDIENTS: chickpeas(white chana), flour, bakingsoda, dahi

Firstly, rinse the white chana or chole  in normal water  then soak it on for 4-5 hours.

2] after 4-5 hours drain all the water , and put fresh water in the presurre cooker (water should be enough for boil the chanas) along with salt and teabag.

3] once the chole boils well drain all the water and keep the chole aside

4] then you need to make a gravy take onions, tomato, garlic, ginger chilli according to your taste and grind well in a mixture.

4] add 3-4 tablespoons oil in a kadai ,add 1 -2 tejpatta, 2 cardamaon, 2-3 black peppercorns, 1 tablespoon cumin and put all gravy( which you blend in a mixture) in kadai.

5] fry all masales well till the oil become fragrant but don’t burn them. saute the masala till the oil seperate from it .

6] put garam masala powder, dhaniya powder, salt, red chilli powder, turmuric powder,chole masala powder according to your taste. mix well and saute for a minute.

7] Add boiled chole into it and mix well , add 2-3 cup water or as per require.

8] cook the chole on a low to medium fame for 15-20 minutes. stir occasionally.

9] lastly, garnish your dish with a fresh coriander leaves. and serve hot hot chole in a bowl finally enjoy it.

how to make bhature

your recipe is incomplete without making bhature. so here i am sharing the recipe of bhature to complete your meal.

1] firstly you need to take a flour, add semolina to make it little crispier. add dahi, baking powdr and 2 tablespoon oil in it.

2] knead the dough well for atleast 7-8 mintues. to make perfect bhature it is very important to prepare a well dough.

4] the dough need to rest, cover it with a damp cloth for 3-4 hours before making the bhaturas.

5] after 3-4 hour make a dough balls make sure the oil in kadai is sufficient hot , if you drop a small piece of dough into the oil it should come up briskly. 

6]   take a ball and roll it in a shape of roti . take a rolled roti and deep fry it in a heated oil. fry till it turns golden brown . prepare all the bhature in the same way , drain all the excessive oil in the absorbent paper. and finally serve the bhature with chole . 


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